Holistic Wellness on Grief

In this course you will explore:

  • Self-assessments for emotional balance and self-care.
  • Understanding the difference between grief coaching and counseling
  • Learning the process of death, dying, and mourning
  • 5 Types of Guilt & "The 4F Method"
  • Special considerations for grief and loss across all developmental and life-cycle stages
  • Multicultural and spirituality-Traditions and common spiritual experience
  • Boundaries of professional competence on grief and stress, journaling, affirmations, ways to release grief, working with our ancestors, and coping with grief during the holidays

As a coach, I help my clients turn their grief into action, by utilizing innovative techniques, including my signature formula "The 7 Key Grief Guide" to learn Mastering Spiritual Healing. 

Each session allows the student to admit, acknowledge and accept those unresolved grievances and pains- which they have a desire to better manage.

In conclusion, you will receive my 7 module self-pace video course with two live monthly meetups to include pre-recorded videos, discussions, worksheets, assessments, assignments and sound therapy. Tailored to help you achieve the goals you're seeking. This course also challenges you to make positive lifestyle changes for your journey ahead. 

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Helping you experience more love, joy and abundance in your life while carrying more joy and love with you in your daily life is my ultimate goal.

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Miami Knight